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FAMILY HEIRLOOMS-past and present..

Do you have a family heirloom? This could be any treasured item that has been passed down by a deceased family  member which the proviso that it continues to be held until the next generation.

Jewellery is the most common item – rings, brooches, charm bracelets, watches or pocket watches.

It can be tempting to think that these things aren’t as relevant today as in our parents or grandparents time but we continue to see jewellery brought into our store to be repaired or remodelled.

There are some who feel remodelling the original item is somehow tainting the memory of the former wearer but I personally think wearing the item today even if it is changed slightly, still honours and retains the essence of the original wearer.

If you have inherited a piece of jewellery but are unsure if you would wear it in it’s current state, pop in and we can evaluate and suggest options to restore or tweak to make into a more contemporary and wearable piece so that you can in time hand it on to your next generation.



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