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What’s Best? Platinum Vs White Gold.

We recommend platinum to our customers for these three key reasons: price, colour, and durability.


For many years platinum jewellery was considered the ultimate as platinum was rare and expensive.   Gold was much less rare and therefore less expensive.  Therefore white gold was the predominant white metal used.

While still a rare metal there has been less industrial demand for platinum in the last decade, which has seen the price drop lower than that for gold.


Platinum is a naturally white metal whilst white gold is yellow gold alloyed with white metals such as silver and palladium. Because these alloys, particularly the silver, tarnish white gold can quite quickly discolour.  Combine this with the fact it is predominately yellow gold this yellowness becomes visible through wear. To counteract this white gold is generally plated with a metal called rhodium.  However this does wear off.

Platinum is not susceptible to tarnishing and maintains its colour with wear.


While pure platinum is very soft and not suitable to use in jewellery,  5% of other metals are added to overcome this.  This makes it a very malleable and strong metal for jewellery.  As it is more dense than gold wears away slower than white gold.



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